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Water Power to Green Energy

From Intake equipment to Turbines


Francis Turbine Runner

Poseidon is a company highly specialised in hydropower. Having gained experience of more than 60 years in hydropower along with intensive R&D in cooperation with the Fluids department of National Technical University of Athens has led to the development of cutting edge hydro turbine technology, ensuring the highest possible efficiency and reliability.
Project-specific engineered solutions like hydraulic model tests is the basis for our larger turbine designs.
From a couple of kWs up to 20MW Poseidon has the expertise and capacity to undertake the engineering manufacturing and construction of the whole range of equipment for a complete hydropower plant.

Francis Type Turbine - Poseidon hydropower
Pelton Type Turbine Poseidon Hydropower
Kaplan type Turbine  Poseidon Hydropower
Crossflow type Turbine Poseidon Hydropower

Beyond hydraulic turbines, having participated in some of the largest hydropower projects Poseidon has gained vast experience in the field of hydromechanical equipment.
From Hydraulic gates to large valves and intake equipment Poseidon undertakes the most complex projects working with the most demanding partners in the hydropower industry.

Ball Valve  Poseidon Hydropower
Radial Gate Poseidon Hydropower
Automatic Trashrack Cleaning Machine Poseidon
Large hydropower gates

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