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Francis Turbines

Medium to High Head Hydropower applications

Francis Turbines

Francis turbines are the most versatile turbines and ideal for medium to high head applications. From 10 to 300 mWC Francis type turbines offer extremely high efficiency transforming water potential energy to electricity.

Through extensive R&D POSEIDON has developed high end technology in the design and manufacture of Francis turbines achieving best-in-class efficiencies.

  • Head 10 to 300 mWC

  • Up to 20MW

  • Horizontal or Vertical Shaft

  • Spiral case or open flume

  • Bearing Configuration:

    • 2 (Runner ovehung on the generator shaft)

    • 3 (Generator bearings & Turbine guide bearing on vertical shaft)

    • 4 (Independent generator and turbine bearings)

Francis Turbine Horizontal Poseidon
Francis Turbine Poseidon

Turbine Hydraulic design is developed for each project maximizing efficiency

CNC Machined Runner from Single or Double piece Forged Stainless steel block

CNC Machined Stainless Steel Guide Vanes  

Frictionless Labyrinth type shaft seal 

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