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Kaplan Turbines

Low Head Hydropower applications

Kaplan Turbines

Kaplan turbines are are ideal for utilization of low head (up to 40m) and large amounts of water and thus mainly used as run-of-river hydropower plants. 

Due to the double regulation design of Kaplan turbines, they present extremely high efficiency over a wide range of discharge. Being available in different configurations it is possible to minimise the required civil works and streamline the project's design.

  • Head 2 to 40mWC

  • Power up to 5 MW

  • Horizontal or Vertical Shaft

  • Possible configurations include:

    • Spiral Case type​

    • Open flume

    • Bulb/Pit Type

    • S type

  • Single or Double regulation (Regulation of runner blades)​

Kaplan Turbine Poseidon
Kaplan Turbine Poseidon

Turbine Hydraulic design is developed for each project maximizing efficiency

CNC Machined Stainless steel Runner with self-lubricating bearings

CNC Machined stainless steel guide vanes

Low friction Labyrinth type shaft seal

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