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Pelton Turbines

High Head Hydropower applications

Pelton Turbines

Pelton turbines are the most commonly used in small hydropower plants as they offer unparallel robustness and reliability along with a very wide range of efficient operation.

Pelton turbines operate in the range of 100 to 800 mWC, presenting high efficiency over a wide range of discharge rates.

  • Head 100 to 800 mWC

  • Power up to 20MW

  • Horizontal or Vertical Shaft

  • Horizontal shaft configuration from 1 to 3 nozzles

  • Vertical shaft configuration from 3 to 6 nozzles

  • Bearing Configuration:

    • 2 (Runner ovehung on the generator shaft)

    • 3 (Generator bearings & Turbine guide bearing on vertical shaft)

    • 4 (Independent generator and turbine bearings)

Pelton Turbine Vertical 6 Jet Poseidon
Pelton Turbine Horizontal 2 Jet Poseidon

Turbine Hydraulic design is developed for each project maximizing efficiency

CNC Machined Runner from Single piece Forged Stainless steel block

CNC Machined nozzles from abrasion resistant  Stainless Steel  hydraulically optimised 

Internally or externally actuated nozzles

Carbide coating option for hydraulic surfaces for abrasion protection

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