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Crossflow Turbines

Versatile Low and Medium Head Hydropower applications

Crossflow Turbines

Crossflow turbines perfectly fit small scale hydropower plants ensuring reliable operation and minimal civil works.

Effective operational head ranges from 10 to 150mWC, with a wide range of discharge rates. 

Crossflow turbines can be ideally paired with Francis turbines on multi-turbine stations significantly extending the station's effective operational range (Low discharge operation).

  • Head from 10 to 150 mWC

  • Power up to 2MW

  • Directly coupled to the generator or including step-up gearbox

  • Single or Double guide vane configuration 

Crossflow Turbine Poseidon
Crossflow Turbine Poseidon Expanded

Turbine Hydraulic design is developed for each project maximizing efficiency

Stainless steel Runner with CNC machined blades - hand polished

CNC Machined Guide vanes from abrasion resistant  Stainless Steel  hydraulically optimised 

Self Lubricated Guide vane bearings 

Low friction Shaft sealing solution with labyrinths

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